Gooding County Auditor (Idaho)

Search for Gooding County, ID county auditor information. A county auditor search provides information on hours, locations and phone numbers, government spending, government agencies, government fraud, government corruptions, government audit reports, audit reports, corruption reports, fraud investigations, government spending, government tax collection, and the performance of government agencies.

The Gooding County Auditor's Office oversees government agencies in Gooding County, Idaho. Their many responsibilities include evaluating the performance of government agencies, monitoring compliance with laws, rules, and regulations, and conducting investigations of corruption and fraudulent activities. Gooding County Auditors maintain records on their reports and investigations of government agencies, including audit reports, evaluations of Gooding County government offices, and reports on corruption. They also produce fraud investigation reports. Most of the Auditor Office reports are open to the public, including reports on the collection of Gooding County property taxes, government spending, and corruption. These documents are often available through the Auditor's website.

Gooding County Auditor Gooding ID 624 Main Street 83330 208-934-4221