Mercer County Auditor (Pennsylvania)

The Mercer County Auditor's Office oversees government agencies in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Their many responsibilities include evaluating the performance of government agencies, monitoring compliance with laws, rules, and regulations, and conducting investigations of corruption and fraudulent activities. Mercer County Auditors maintain records on their reports and investigations of government agencies, including audit reports, evaluations of Mercer County government offices, and reports on corruption. They also produce fraud investigation reports. Most of the Auditor Office reports are open to the public, including reports on the collection of Mercer County property taxes, government spending, and corruption. These documents are often available through the Auditor's website.

Carlton Auditor Carlton PA 94 Jacobs Rd 16311 814-425-1499

Deer Creek Township Auditor Hadley PA 620 Georgetown Road 16130 724-253-2361

Delaware Township Auditor Fredonia PA 20 Shipton Ln 16124 724-475-4480

Fairview Township Auditor Fredonia PA 1554 Perry Highway 16124 724-475-4960

Fairview Township Auditor Mercer PA 288 Coolspring Road 16137 724-475-2817

Lake Township Auditor Stoneboro PA 106 Gander Lane 16153 724-376-3887

Millcreek Township Auditor Sandy Lake PA 726 Klein Road 16145 724-376-3960

New Vernon Township Auditor Stoneboro PA 547 Carpenter Road 16153 724-253-2359

Perry County Auditor Hadley PA 851 Fredonia Road 16130 724-253-4507

Salem Township Auditor Greenville PA 390 Osborn Road 16125 724-253-2566

Sandy Lake Auditor Sandy Lake PA 32 North Reeds Furnace Road 16145 724-376-3434

Sandy Lake Township Auditor Sandy Lake PA 139 Cole Road 16145 724-376-4135

Sandy Lake Township Auditor Stoneboro PA 310 Parker Road 16153 724-376-2584